Darlington Geocache & Heritage Trail

Darlington Geocache & Heritage Trail:

In conjunction with Darlington Brough Council NE Geocaching Supplies have set up a Multi cache which follows the route of the Darlington Heritage Trail. It's a new way to discover hidden aspects of Darlington, its heritage, unexplored nooks and crannies, funny facts, huge paintings, sculpture and much more!

The Multicache on geocaching.com can be found here at this link:


The Trail guide can be download here:


Or you can just pick one up from Darlington Town Hall or Crown Street Library. The map in the guide will keep you on track and help you find your way.

Heritage 'coins' (shown below) embedded in the pavement point the way; kids will love finding the next coin as it comes up. There are also heritage wall plaques to keep an eye out for en route too.

The full route takes about two to three hours, but can easily be done in ‘bite size chunks’, saving part for another day.

At the end of the ‘trail’ the guide has an easy quiz for you, but remember what you have seen and learned along the way as there is the final cache to find and log.

The following retailers have offered a discount to Geocachers if you which to stop for a break or lunch along the way.

Cafe Valente 15A Post House Wynd 10% Discount on food and beverages.

They have a delicious selection of freshly made sandwiches, cakes, tea and coffee. Don't miss out on the Hot Ultimate Chocolate drink!

Please let the staff at Cafe Valente know that you are completing the Heritage Trail and in order to confirm you are Geocachers please either shown them your GPS unit or the cache page on your mobile device application.

Are you new to Geocaching?

Free geocaching apps are avaliable within the ios and android market place and as an intergrated option within the more up to date Garmin GPS units.

Here are some more Geocaches (with links) which are suitable for people just starting out with either a Smartphone or a GPS unit.

Got a spare 15mins Why not give it a go? You might just like it?

They can be found a very short distance from the heart of the Trail and include further information on the history of Darlington.

Traditional caches (a container or "cache" to find)

 Darlington Walk round #1 Market Place (near St. Cuthbert Church in the Market Place)


  Darlington walk round #2 Bulmer’s Stone. (A very intresting piece of "street furniture" located on North Road)


 Darlington Walk Round # 3 Quaker burial ground. (The Darlington Quaker Burial)


 It’s behind you, Oh no it isn’t, Oh yes it is!  (The Civic Theatre Parkgate)


A virtual cache (a location to find)

  TOWN TIE-UP (a very interesting piece of Darlington History located outside the library)


We do hope you have enjoyed the Geocaching and Heritage Trail and it has inspired you to take up geocaching as a hobby or if you are already a proficient geocacher find more of the caches located not just in Darlington but the surrounding area.


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