Activation codes

Trackables can be activated on at this link:

Activation Codes can be found at the following links:

Please use the Activation code shown on the table below. If no activation code is shown please click on the link (in blue script) to the right of your purchased item or items.

Please make a note of your activation code before leaving the individual link page.


Activation Code

NE Geocaching Supplies

Where no activation code is supplied with your Trackable – Angel

NE Geocaching Supplies
Donald Campbell Geocoin and GT Tag


NE Geocaching Supplies
Halloween GT Tag


NE Geocaching Supplies GT Tags
OUTATIME licence plate
Geo-Dog Bone Tags
Music Love Peace


NE Geocaching Supplies
Globetrotter Tags


Pulse 72 Geo-Milestones


Braintrust Elephant


Geocaching Travel Bugs

The activation code can be found on the accompanying

card found with the product.

NE Geocaching Supplies
natural slate products

Where no activation code is found with your product - Angel

Help 4 Heroes Geocoins

Your activation code is included with your coin or can be found here:

Trackable Travel Tags

Click here to activate

Geocoins by Oakcoins

American Red Cross Geocoins
 (designer Steve Allen)


Geocoins by Direct Mint (DM)

Geogems and Geogold
by CH Quality Coins

Avroair Spitfire coins
(Pale Horse Designs)

The Podcache Show
Mini Trackable Microphones


CW88’s Geocoins
(Standard and exclusive editions)



Rainy Day Trust

Church Micro 10th  Anniversary GT Tags


Evie Clover



Golden Tamarin

Code Activation


My Personal Geocoin

Activation codes for My Personal Geocoins have been uploaded to the Groundspeak server

Please follow this link to retrive your activation code

(This link will open in a new window on your search engine)

Need an Activation code for your CacheCats I, CacheCats II, ORC Coins, Alice (We're all mad here)? The Magic is in the Hunt Geocoin

Please use this link at  and select either ORC Geocoin, CacheCat I, CacheCat II or Alice (We're all mad here) in the drop down box labelled (Coin Name:). 1. Enter your Tracking number (6 characters beginning with PH). 2. Enter your email address 3. Click "Get Activation code"

If you have difficulty in obtaining your activation code please contact us asap.

CW88's Geocoins

Dragon Eggs

Please use this link at to retrieve your Activation Codes.

NE Geocaching Supplies prefix code items (Geo-Fossils, Geo-Trax and our own trackable items)

All NE Geocaching Supplies GF, NE and EV Prefix coded items are supplied with a TRACKING and an ACTIVATION CODE. If you have an issues with activation please contact us using our Contact Form.

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