Customer assistance for munzee players

To help our munzee customers we have provided links to the munzee blog, a "how to" section and several other links.

The latest munzee news

The latest munzee news can be found by clicking on this link - What will you find that's new?

Munzee Support

How many points for each level in munzee?

Munzee types

Munzee history - the various munzee types

All the munzee icons, types, points structure, capture radius, description and stockits.

Please check the resellers first as they stock most physicals

The site has not been recently updated

Munzee tools

Flats calender, RetireMyths, POBs, MOBs and TOBs, StreakSaver






Munzee for locus maps

Lakrisoft application

Android application and ISO Munzee specials alert

How to links

We will aim to update the youtube links when more become avaliable

How to create a QR code

Recommended sites for building QR codes

How to get a Social code and create a valid Social Munzee

How to edit and deploy a social munzee

How to link a undeployed munzee to a Premium munzee in munzee 3.0

Deploying a Virtual Resort

Rovers in Munzee 3.0

Setting up Munzee pinpoints May 2019

MUNZEE have a NEW web MAP! - Sept 2023

MUNZEE How to deployina Virtual Garden with the NEW map - Sept 2023

How to deploy munzee places using the NEW web map - Sept 23

Munzee Tutorials for Beginners by  The Aussie Geocacher Seemyshell

Please CLICK HERE to access Sammy's youtube vieos


Virtual Garden Design links

Munzee Virtual Grid Generator

Virtual Garden Painter

DrawQRzee browser plug in

Batch printer for your own munzees

(munzee 2.0 rectfication issues pending)

The Munzee skin Machine

Design print your own backround for munzees. (please click on the skinmachine icon).

This site is not currently not operational


(unfortunately this site has some display issues currently and is not being currently hosted)

Social munzee

Click on the icon to be taken to where you can capture Social munzees to earn your Social munzee badges

This site is not currently not operational

Munzee Achievement badges and munzee types

A link to frank Broughton web site listing the current munzee badges and awards and munzee types

The page on this site is not currently not operational

Emerald Garden Locations

The current location of emerald gardens (as of June 2016)

Virtual garden locations

Virtual Garden location in the United Kingdom

In order to accomodate all the links we have added them to a dropbox folder. Inside the folder you will find a Microsoft Word document. Copy and pasting the links in this document will take you directly to the garden via your munzee acount so that you can then plan your visit.

Virtual Garden location in the UK

Virtual Garden location on google maps

Please note this map is not maintain by us and might not be up to date. Clicking on each individual pin wiull bring up a speadsheet assosiated with that Virtual Garden

Virtual Garden location on google maps

Munzee Gardens Facebook page

Time converter for munzee limited edition sales releases (ie Mythical Creatures)

Further links

Further articles can be found at this dropbox link stated below. These article are all in PDF form and can either be read directly or downloaded from the dropbox folder. We ask you DO NOT distribute these articles without our permission (please ask we won't bite) and we hope you find them useful. Please click on "Customer assistance for munzee players" folder once you access to dropbox.

Articles in the folder:

7. How to program your Munzee NFC Tags

  Please click this icon to visit the Dropbox that contains the articles show above.

UPDATE TO ARTICLE 7. Tag writer now includes a "Copy QR code" in the Write Tags section - simple scan the munzee and the app will take you directly to the "Write Tag" option where the scanned munzee http address will already be pre-filled.

Emergency Text Service for outdoor assistance

The emergencySMS service lets deaf, hard of hearing and speech-impaired people in the UK send an SMS text message to the UK 999 service where it will be passed to the police, ambulance, fire rescue, or coastguard.

Simply by sending an SMS message to 999 you can call for help and the emergency services will be able to reply to you.

You will need to register for this service. You get more information and register for the service by clicking here

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