Cache sizing at NE Geocaching Supplies

Groundspeak have made changes to the size of their caches “hides” over the last 6 years and there is always debate on the correct caches sizes on the various Geocaching forums.

GS decided in June 2017 the current sizes should be:

NE Geocaching Supplies have always stayed with the original containers size and always state the size of the container (as a volume in ml) and a linear measurement (in millimetres or inches) on each product listing.

Here at NE Geocaching Supplies we retail over 120 different types and sizes of containers below 20lts. If we we’re to separate these containers in accordance with the current GS sizes we would end up with some very large and difficult to navigate sections, and conversely other sections would be very sparse.

They are therefore currently split as the result of a survey completed by our clients.

99.99% of the containers listed on our site are listed with a numbered volume (in millilitres – ml) or with sizes in millimetres (mm) or inches (") for you to draw your own conclusion on the size that your require for your cache placement.

When using our product comparison table the dimension and weights shown are for our Custom Postal module and are not the cache size as displayed. If you wish us to physically measure any of containers we retail we are very happy to do so - please contact us for further information & or sizing.

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