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Who are we?

NE Geocaching Supplies is one of the largest EU suppliers of Geocaching and munzee products but despite that we are a family run company with a small number of part time employees. Our belief is "Our customers are our livelihood and we therefore consider them part of our business".

It doesn't matter whether you are an infrequent purchaser, general customer or a Distributor everyone deserve the best possible Customer Service that we can provide even if it is out of business hours.

We specialise in retailing Geocaching items and Munzee products to the UK and International Geocaching and Munzee markets. We stock a full range of Geocaching products from Geo-Fossils to Globetrotter Tags and Travel Twin to exclusive and hard to find Geocoins. We also stock a large selection of ready to place caches and extensive selection of Munzee products.

Not only do we supply individual Geocachers but we also design and manufacture for Giga, Mega and smaller Geocaching events worldwide. (EV prefix or event prefix codes are available on request). We are renown for our innovative, original and custom made products.

We can commission Geocoins, our own GS trackable Trolley coins (GT Tags) and Trackable tags in a wide variety of materials, many that we manufacture here in the UK. We also work closely with a two large-scale suppliers in the Far East who through our direction, manufactures both custom made Geocaching containers and specialised and unique Trackables.

We are a licensed Groundspeak Travel Bug merchandise manufacturer and also a licensed munzee products manufacture. We distribute these product to both Geocaching and Munzee retailers worldwide.

We can offer a Drop ship and Distribution service to other like-minded retailers.

Our other areas of expertise are web site design and on line retail support for OpenCart e-commerce web sites, we also have the skill base to develop custom made modules for OpenCart if required.

A member of our Design staff is currently a Committee member on one of the largest and longest standing Mega event in the UK, with responsibility for the mega website site / ecommerce shop design, event merchandise design and manufacture.

We have access to the following equipment:

A high end Europ and Ricoh sawgrass sublimation printing set up including HF 5500 & HF2200 Heat fusion devices.

A Trotec Speedy 300 CO2 fiber laser

A Brother Innov Embroidery set up for garment embroidery

A SunAngel Garment and T-shirt printing set up

An HP Designerjet large scale Photo production printer, Pixmax and Silhouette cutter

A large scale HP Colour laser printer

A high grade badge making set up including dies for pin badges up to 54mm

6 x 3D printers which include JGAurora, Geeetech & Monoprice Mini Delta all with upgraded nozzles/fans and software

We can produce Trackable and none Trackable tags in

1. Flexible laminate

2. Aluminium

3. Stainless steel

NE Geocaching Supplies can also provide web site development including support for opencart e-commerce operations.

We currently sponsor the monthly competitions on both the UK Podcache (broadcast from the UK) and the Worldwide Podcache Show (broadcast from the US) show every month and the UK Geocaching event support equipment box.

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