Snag the Tag Trackable Race 2023: - A fun and Spooky Adventure

Snag the Tag Trackable Race 2023: - A fun and Spooky Adventure:

"Get your trackable proxy from NE Geocaching supplies and supply them with your STT trackable code from any previous or present STT game piece code you have received to join in a fun game between fellow Snag the Taggers".

Simple rules hopefully.

Score points for the best log or photo each month and any use of a haunted or witchery nature will count (adjudicator decision is final). 20 ( 10 and 5)

Score points for being nearest to each months previously chosen witch themed location to be announced in the STT group on facebook each month. (List previously supplied to Scotty). 25 (20 and 15)

Points awarded if reaching any of the listed caches as either a visited or dropped log but a photo will be required for visiting logs to be authenticated. 50 points awarded to any trackable being dropped or visited in the listed caches with accompanying photographs to confirm.

If more than 30 entrants then a independent Judge will award points for a top 3 logs/photos and a nearest three to the chosen monthly location.

All tags to be launched at the London Calling 2023 Trackable table.

If any trackable achieves immortal status of visiting all chosen locations they will be featured on the STT FB page.

A geocacher can only score points for one specific trackable a total of two times, ie. the same geocacher cannot visit multiple locations (greater than 2) and if discovered passing amongst family members then it is possible the trackable owner will be dunked on the dunking stool and their points removed. The person being found to cheat will be covered in the DNF hex and find their GPS will not get closer than 20m. However one cacher can assist all entrants a total of 2 times.

The list of magical caches to visit are :-

The highest scoring trackable each month will get featured with a post on STT (UK) FB page.

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