NEGS Armoured Glass Guardian **NEW for 2024**

NEGS Armoured Glass Guardian **NEW for 2024**
NEGS Armoured Glass Guardian **NEW for 2024**
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NEGS Armoured Glass Guardian **NEW for 2024**

The ALL NEW resellers POB for 2024? There are glass dragons distributed throughout the World two species native to the US, one in Europe, and one in Australia and they’re all available from your authorised munzee resellers.


**PLEASE MAKE SURE THAT YOUR MUNZEE NAME IS CORRECT** (we unfortunately will not be able to refund where mistakes are made in YOUR ORDER)

You are LIMITED to ONE (1) NEGS Glass Guardian per playing account, but you can purchase a Guardian from EACH Reseller. Please do not purchase more than ONE (1) Guardian as we will NOT BE ABLE to offer a refund. Players owning more than 1x POB of a particular type from a single reseller will have these items automatically archived by MHQ.

You are purchasing ONE NEGS Glass Guardian from NEGS.


  • Glass Guardian
    • Deploy: 500
    • Capture: 250
    • CapOn: 150
  • Dragon Glass Guardian
    • Capture: 250
    • CapOn: 300

You can find these shattering sky warriors at the following landing pads every 6 hours or when captured:

Additionally, when a Glass Guardian has an upgraded skin, up to 3 NEW Marbles may be scattered nearby when it is captured! For instance, when a Glass Guardian has a Dragon skin it will scatter Torch Marbles nearby.

The Glass Guardian scatters will be visible to any player and will be deployed on the bouncer owner’s account. This means that unlike Air Mystery Feathers/Boulders, there are CapOn points for the owner! They expire after 120 minutes and have a capture radius of 300 feet. These guardian scatters will NOT count for deploy streaks, ZeeOps, or clan activity since they are passive deploys.


  • Capture: 50
  • CapOn: 50

Glass Guardians of ANY type will be available for multi-capture. That means players can capture Glass Guardians on their own munzees, any previously captured munzees, and more than once if the same Glass Guardian visits you. Glass Guardians are non-blastable. They will be attracted to both Physical Magnets and Virtual Magnets. You can access Glass Guardians by turning on your “All Limited Edition Specials” and “All Expiring Specials” filters.

More information HERE at the Munzee Glass Guardian blog

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