Geocaching in the UK (by Terry Marsh):

Geocaching in the UK (by Terry Marsh):
Geocaching in the UK (by Terry Marsh):
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Geocaching in the UK (by Terry Marsh):

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GEOCACHING IN THE UK SECOND EDITION (replaces 9781852846091)

ISBN: 9781852847395 (Short Code: 739)

Publication Date: September 2014

Price: £12.95

Author: Terry Marsh

Paperback Gloss Laminated, 144 pages

21.6cm x 13.8cm

A UK-oriented guide to geocaching, an accessible, fun and family-friendly outdoor activity that is rapidly growing in popularity. Primarily an introduction for newcomers, but also offering advice for veterans, the step-by-step guide explains all the equipment needed as well as how to identify, find and create your own geocaches.

A fantastic resource for any Geocacher, whether you are just starting out as a beginner or you are an experienced Geocacher.

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What’s it all about then?

Everyone dreams of finding treasure, a crock of gold at the end of a rainbow. For those bitten by the geocaching bug, a different kind of treasure is all around, just waiting to be found. And there are accurate and detailed clues out there to help you find it.

The fun lies in the challenge: deciphering clues, downloading co-ordinates, mastering your GPS device, and then setting off into the countryside in search of artfully-concealed caches. Since it began in the year 2000, geocaching has become an international craze, adding a whole new dimension to exploring the outdoors, on your own, with friends and family or at the big events.

This guide tells you all you need to know to get started – from understanding GPS devices, to finding caches, recording your discoveries and setting up your own caches.

About the authour - Terry Marsh?

Terry Marsh is a Lancashire-based writer and photographer who specialises in the outdoors, the countryside, walking and worldwide travel. A keen

geocacher for several years, Terry is the author (or revision author) of over 100 titles and is an honorary life member of the Outdoor Writers and Photographers Guild.

Every walk in the park and every day in the countryside leads past a geocache. But beware, finding them can be addictive!



What’s in a cache?

Other benefits of geocaching

1 The basics

2 GPS devices

3 Getting started

4 Selecting geocaches to find

5 Searching for a geocache

6 Discovering a geocache

7 Creating geocaches

8 Trackable items

9 Groundspeak and

10 Events, activities and more advanced stuff

Appendix A Understanding Geo-speak

Appendix B The Geocacher’s Code

Appendix C The National Country Codes

Appendix D Access to the Countryside: Walkers and the law

Appendix E OnlineSuppliers in the UK

Other details:

Originally Published: 18 Jan 2011

ISBN: 9781852846091

Size: 21.6 x 13.8 x 1.0cm

Weight: 250g

Pages: 128

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