Electronic Maze puzzle cache

Electronic Maze puzzle cache
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Electronic Maze puzzle cache:


NE Geocaching Supplies have commissioned a qualified Electronics Engineer to build these superb puzzle caches.

Powered by concealed batteries this ingenious puzzle cache exclusive to NE Geocaching Supplies is certain to be a hit!

Challenge your finders to complete the puzzle in a set amount of time...the higher the level the quicker you have to be!

The cache can be easily pre-programmed using a PC or desktop computer with a welcome screen, owner screen & pre-programmed puzzle completion screen. (i.e. screens that are displayed when the puzzle is completed) The final screen can be selected by the owner of the puzzle to suit the deployment and position of the cache.

TWO selectable game modes:

Game mode #1 Traditional "Game over mode" - if you touch the metal pathway you will lose and you have to start again from the beginning.

Game mode #2 (NEW)  "Oops Mode" - each time you touch the metal pathway, the time left will halve.

For example: If the game time is set at 180 seconds and you start the game and touch the pathway once, the 180 seconds you had available to solve the cache will became 90 and the countdown will decrease from that number. The more you touch the metal path the less you will have! The difficulty and therefore the time taken to complete the maze can also be changed by the owner of the cache.

Measures approx. 130mm x 76mm x 37mm.

Please note: These cache are custom made therefore please allowed up-to 12 working days if we need to restock. Full instructions on programming your cache are included. You will need access to a PC to be able to program your cache and a Micro SD card reader to finalise the cache details.

Complete with detailed instructions and micro SD card.

If you have any further question please don't hesitate to contact us via email at design@negeocachingsupplies.co.uk

Please note: International delivery of this item - in order to comply with transportation restrictions on international items, batteries will not be included with this cache, we will however include an additional item/s to compensate for this omission

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